Numbers - Indian Numerology and Slangs

 Numbers - Indian Numerology and Slangs

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  1. Number 6 
  2. Number 7
  3. Number 8
  4. Number 9

#1 - 6 in Indian Numerology
    • The number 6 is recognised as a lucky number in India.
    • It is ruled by the planet Venus.
    • People associated with the number 6 are gentle, caring, loving, and beautiful1. They have a magnetic personality, a love for luxuries, and are very secretive.

#2 - 7 in Hindu Numerology:
  • Number 7 is considered very sacred and spiritual. It is known as Sapta in Sanskrit and symbolizes various divine concepts and philosophies of Hindu Sanatana Dharma and Sanskruthi1. Here are some of the terminologies and their significance associated with number seven (7) from a Hindu perspective:

    • Seven Chakras: The seven chakras through which flows the Kundalini energy are known as – Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna, and Sahasrara.

    • Saptapuri (Seven holy cities): There are seven places that have a lot of religious and spiritual significance for Hindus: Ayodhya; Mathura; Kaasi (Vaaranaasi); Kanchi (Kaancheepuram); Avanthika (Ujjain); Dwaaraka (Dwaaraavati); Maayapuri (Haridwar).
    • Sapta Samudra (Seven holy seas): Lavana Samudra; Ikshu Samudra; Sura Samudra; Sarpi (Ghrutha) Samudra; Dadhi Samudra; Ksheera Samudra; and Suddhodaka Samudra.
    • Sapta-Nadi (Seven holy rivers): Ganga; Yamuna; Saraswathi; Godavari; Narmada; Sindhu; Kaaveri.

    • Sapta Lokas (Seven holy worlds): In the universe we have 14 worlds (Chaturdasa bhuvanas); seven above including earth and seven below the earth.
    • Sapta Rushi (seven great sages): Sapta Rushi is a status given to the great sages who were responsible for transmitting the Vedic knowledge and contents of sacred texts to the earthly consciousness.

#3 -8 in Hindu Numerology:
    • In Indian numerology, the number 8 is ruled by the planet Satur,. It represents a balance between the material and spiritual world
    • The number 8 is generally not considered as a lucky number1. It is associated with struggles and unpredictability, and individuals with this number might face difficulties in life

#4 - 9 in Hindu Numerology
    • The number  9 is often considered a lucky number.
    • In Hindu astrology, the number 9 is associated with Mars, which is linked to power, energy, and movement.
    • The number 9 symbolizes the idea of completion, but not necessarily finality. It signifies the conclusion of one phase, paving the way for the initiation of the next.
    • Significance: The number 9 holds vital importance for many Indians while buying property, registering vehicles, and purchasing jewelry.