Deal Spotlight:

  • The Gold-Grade domain is now owned by another millennial entrepreneur located in the in the Caribbean.[1]

  • The new owner informed us that the jellyfish is his spirit animal as described by the Primal Zodiac. Additionally, he finds the word jellyfish, when combined with ‘.gold,’ looks attractive. However, his decision to take this Gold-Grade domain was rooted in his belief that is a low-risk investment in a domain property whose value is expected to grow as other domains.

  • It’s worth mentioning here that we are witnessing a buying surge in Gold-Grade domains. Using this case as an example, GoDaddy’s valuation of has increased by 2000% since January 1st, 2024 to now in April 2024.

  • We thank this buyer for his business. We wish him well with his new Gold-Grade investment property.

[1] FAQ Guide: Classifying domains as Gold-Grade, Luscious and Standard quality.