Deal Spotlight:

  • The Gold-Grade domain has been acquired this weekend. And it’s another big deal for our newly launched lusciousGOLD Domains Catalog, as domain sales are notoriously slow - but not this week![1]

  • It’s worth mentioning that ‘Chong’ is derived from the Mandarin word ‘Zhang’, whose meaning has changed over time. It’s now a common surname in Chinese and Korean communities, where it’s the 4th most common surname in Korea (2.5 million people) and the 9th most common in Singapore (37,000 people).[2]

  • The Gold-Grade domain is now owned by a millennial banker in the Caribbean, whose family arrived from Singapore in the 60s. She is now gliding toward retirement with the property in her investment portfolio, which connects to her heritage and is expected to grow in value.

  • To add, we have witnessed a buying surge in Gold-Grade domains (single-word, “.GOLD” domains with 10 letters or fewer) since January 1st, 2024. In this case GoDaddy’s valuation of has increased by 600% since January 1st, 2024 to now in April 2024.

  • We thank this buyer for her business. We wish her well with her new Gold-Grade investment property.
[1] FAQ Guide: Classifying domains as Golden, Luscious and Standard quality
[2] - Forbears genealogy portal.