FAQ5: Luscious Grade domains for vanity email and personal branding

In 2023, the world saw more than 300 million startups and there is no slowdown in sight for this expansion! As expected, many startups quickly moved to establish a presence on the net/metaverse by locking down domains from an ever-shrinking pool of domain names.

So, as business startups are the main driver behind the demand for quality domains, and this demand is clearly many orders of magnitude greater than the available supply of quality COM, NET, and ORG domains, we are seeing prices for quality domains move to astronomical levels, and supply is now withheld/hidden by a select few investors/hoarders.

But, setting the obvious aside for a minute, we here at luscious.GOLD initially came together to pool our resources and create this catalog of quality domains with the .GOLD TLD. Now, we realize that we had also gifted quality domains as ‘property’ to family members, expecting these domains would increase in value over time. Some of the domains had names such as:

  • radiate.gold
  • gorgeous.gold

We have now defined these  .GOLD domains that work really well as high-end, vanity gifs for email, self or personal branding as Luscious Grade domains.[4] and you can find them all listed HERE.

Again, if you are looking to give that special someone a good Christmas, birthday or wedding present or even an anniversary or retirement sendoff gift, a Luscious-Quality domain is a high end solution for the job!!

Email for Luscious Grade vanity domains:

We STRONGLY recommend anyone using a Luscious-Quality. vanity domain for personal use to do so by kicking off with GMAIL from a GOOGLE Workspace account. Primarily, this is because the IP addresses used for email and your workspace will originate from GOOGLE, and you are unlikely to have to go to some "Numpty" in IT who has blacklisted your IP for some unreasonable, unjustified, rambling, nonsensical, and totally baseless rationale.

Actually, we feel so strongly about this, which made us ensure that all Luscious Grade domains we shall be provided with an optional one (1) year of paid GMAIL plus GOOGLE Workspace to get you going.  I hope you see where we want you to go with this.