FAQ8: Integrity Tests: Reputation, Abuse and Spam

.GOLD is a relatively new Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) that is regulated by ICANN.

There are organizations that block employees from accessing websites with new gTLDs over their private networks due to concerns that these sites may be engaged in malicious activities

We perform integrity tests on each domain before listing them inside the luscious.GOLD catalog and verify that the domain is not blacklisted due to its current reputation or whether it was engaged in some form of abuse or spam activity. We encourage you to check the integrity of any domain you are seeking to buy yourself.

Where to check your domain's reputation

We refer to two free sites that allow you to check to check the integrity of any domain you wish to buy:

(1) Google Safe Browsing:

(2) Spamhaus

(3) Virustotal

(4) MX ToolBox