Domain Spotlight: is now on sale! We classify it as a numeric, Luscious-Quality domain because it is suitable for high-end gifting or personal branding. It can be used for vanity gifts, vanity emails, websites, self-branding campaigns, and more[4][5] 

77777 is considered lucky. 7 is recognized as an auspicious number and explicitly referenced within ChineseHinduJapanese and Western numerology. It is also regularly encountered in the Bible.
  • .GOLD domain are freely acquired and have no known usage restrictions. However, as they are relatively new, some private networks who are unfamiliar with their use may block access to them.

  • .GOLD Domains carry an annual renewal fee, payable to your registrar. Failure to maintain this fee will result in the domain being lost.

  • Business Starter: There is the option to have One (1) Google Workspace Business Starter account for Gold and Luscious graded domains. This is paid by us for one year but remains fully owned and controlled by the buyer at all times.
    The starter includes secure business email tied to the purchased domain and all the rest as provided by GOOGLE. See them all HERE.

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