About Us

This website is an identical mirror of our luscious.GOLD Catalog that showcases a collection of quality domains with .GOLD TLDs. If you are reading this it means you have been redirected here (by us).

The domains listed within this catalog are directly owned by various individuals who have pooled their best quality names for display. If you are interested in showcasing your domain here, please let us know at either helpdesk@lusgold.com or firestarter@lusgold.gold.

The quality of our listed domains makes them ideal for marketers and business owners who can directly use them as central components of marketing campaigns, naming their businesses, creating websites and more.  We also see with some .GOLD domains are well suited for use as vanity gifts for that special someone or for self-branding.

Accordingly, we have moved to define and then rigidly apply, criteria to grade our domains as Standard, Gold and Luscious quality.[4][5]

Also, we have chosen to deploy this catalog as a blog hosted by Google, giving us a robust, light weight and secure space to showcase the domains we think are relevant. This decision also gave us GOOGLE Translate right out of the box, which our reach to a far greater audience.

Further, we wish state it's still our policy to first validate a domain's reputation, then “idle and park” before listing it in the catalog. Now, we then list the domain for sale in the marketplace of its own registrar to facilitate faster transfers We also list the domains at the worlds largest domain brokers, SEDO and Godaddy.[6]

Again, so its explicitly clear, for the .GOLD domains listed within this catalog, we found no restrictions on either acquiring or using them.[7]

Jude Griffith
Domain Advisor