FAQ6: SCAM Prevention Polices and Procedures

We have implemented various measures to facilitate safe, secure, and swift purchases and transfers of the domains listed in this catalog. This comes in response to the significant presence of scammers in the domain trading arena.

Purchase domains directly from ICANN approved Registrars
Buyers can now, as their primary purchasing option, acquire the domains from the marketplace of its own, ICANN-accredited Registrar. This option is accessed via the registrar purchase button and allows for a Registrar-to-Registrar (R2R) transfer of the domain between the registered owner and the buyer.

Purchase domains via SEDO or Godaddy
In addition to the above, domains can now be purchased via SEDO or GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain brokers.
Access to SEDO’s marketplace is made via the  button on each catalog page. Similarly, access to the GoDaddy marketplace is also made via the  button on each catalog page. Prices are marked up to include any applicable brokerage fees.

Direct Sales
We do not and will not, solicit or agree to accept direct-payments from buyers. If you receive any payment requests from anyone stating they are associated with lusciousGOLD, treat it as a SCAM, but let us know about it here at helpdesk@lusgold.com.

Of course, we are open to offers on our domains. Again, for your protection, you must make the offer through the Registrar's marketplace.

Our Parking Policy:
All the domain names listed in this catalog are idle and unused, ensuring they are not employed for nefarious activities while being sold.